Friday, January 20, 2017

Emma Frost Inhumans Vs X-Men #2 Cover Step by Step Part 1 Pencils

Inhumans Vs X-Men #2 Variant Covers featuring Emma Frost.

By Rachel Dodson and Me.

Out now from Marvel Comics.


The cover concepts I sent into Marvel Comics Editors Wil Moss and Daniel Ketchum for approval.

At this I was thinking of cropping in on the X-Men and having the Inhumans be full figure but both I and the editors liked the full figure pose - so the wheels were in motion!

Roughs were drawn at 2" x 3" in my sketchbook using Warm Grey Copics then colored in Photoshop CS3.

Initial Pencils

Drawn in Light Blue and HB lead on 12" x 18" Bristol Board 

Quickly roughed in the drawing making sure the composition still help.

I printed out my rough in light blue on the paper to ensure the composition was positioned correctly.

I knew Emma's face and look would pull this piece off, so tried to nail that first.

Working in the positioning of the hands and feet.

No real changes on the face, began figuring out and finishing this version of Emma's costume.

Finalizing the artwork before spotting the blacks.

Spotting Blacks

Almost done.

Final Pencils

More Blacks on the hand and tweaks on the cape.

Emma's Face detail

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  1. This one jumped right off the shelf.

  2. I would still love to read a post on your line art scanning process. Thanks

    1. All ready to post, just need to wait until I can show the art! Stay posted - should be soon!