Tuesday, July 9, 2024

San Diego Comic Con Sketch List Update - is OPEN


I take a commission list for 9 x 12 and 11 x 14 sketches July 10th -two weeks before the show.

For smaller drawings, blank covers, remarks just check with me throughout the show as the times when I can draw remarks and blank covers or in your sketchbook. 

details below


Send an email titled SDCC SKETCH, 
through my contact link at  www.terrydodsonart.com OR terry at terrydodsonart dot com (my usual web contact) letting me know the following 3 things:


 9” x 12” $600
11" x 14" $900

I will do a full figure or 3/4 figure depending on what works best for the composition on the 11" x 14",

and  likely it will be 3/4 or thigh up figure on the 9" x 12"

I do the sketches on Color Canson MiTeinte Pastel paper
with Red Col Erase Pencil, Copic Warm Grey Pens, Black Markers, and Prismacolor White Pencil or Pro White

IF you want your sketch in your SKETCHBOOK, just gauge the size to the 9 x 12 or 11 x 14. However, I won't be able to do many SKETCHBOOK commissions as I won't have the SKETCHBOOK until I'm at the Convention.

See below for sketch examples and visit my blog, Instagram, Deviant Art and Twitter for more examples.


A Single character and I decide if it needs a background but you are welcome to suggest.

Be clear as to what version of the character you want.

I suggest a top 3 list of what you want.


As you will be picking this up in person from me at SDCC , I need this. I’m only taking requests from people actually attending SDCC 

-------THE FINE PRINT------- 

- I’m only taking requests from people actually attending SDCC .

-I will take the first 20 COMMISSIONS requested via email and then CLOSE the list. I will then pick the sketches based on the SUBJECT I want to draw. I will contact you to let you know your piece was chosen, and request a partial payment via Paypal ($300 or $450 respectively) to hold the sketch place, and then the remainder from you at the show at the time of pick up.

-Once I stop the list, I will announce it is CLOSED and then I will let the 20 know they are on the list. If you don’t hear within 24 hours of CLOSED then your request was not one of the first 20. I will continue picking sketches from those 20 until the start of the show so everyone should know.

 -SO, not everyone will get a sketch and if you don’t hear from me with 24 hours of closing the list, you are NOT on the list of 20.

-If you do make the list of 20, you're NOT guaranteed a sketch, just that I’m choosing from that list of 20.

- It’s only when I email with the 2nd email and request partial payment, then you'll know I'm will draw your sketch.

-AND, I draw the majority of the sketches AT THE SHOW,  so you may not get confirmation until the the show starts (7/24)!


I’m not taking Blank Cover/Remark Pre-Show requests, IF TIME ALLOWS I will draw them at the show so just check with me in person



On Half-Toned Paper or Sketchbook

11 x 14"  $900  3/4 to full figure

9 x 12"  600   3/4 figure

On Blank Covers/Covers  (or similar sized paper)

Remark  50             (line art)

Head  100-150      (line art or copics)

Bust  200-300    (line art or copics)

Waist   400             (copics)


Please ask in the thread below so everyone can see - thanks!




Thursday, July 4, 2024

San Diego Comic Con July 24-28, Booth 5019

  I'll be at San Diego Comic Con at my Booth location, 5019, across the Aisle from Stuart Ng Books!

My sketch list goes live July 10th.

I'll be posting more details, including sketch info, soon!

Scroll down to my previous appearances for how my sketch list work, prices, details in the meantime!


Monday, May 6, 2024

Lake Comic Comic Art Festival Sketch and Signature UPDATED



10:30-13:30  big sketches Session (first sketch is part of the Auction)

14:30-CLOSE   small sketches Session
(with a break for SIGNING at 16:30)


10:30-13:30  big sketches Session

14:30-CLOSE   small sketches Session
(with a break for SIGNING at 16:30)

-I will do each drawing one at a time for you LIVE at my table!

-4 sessions of sketches where I take a list for each session

-start a NEW list for the each session (so no carry over of 

-so there are 4 chances to get on my sketch list


On Half-Toned Paper or Sketchbook

11 x 14"  1000  3/4 to full figure

9 x 12"  600   3/4 figure

On Blank Covers/Covers  (or similar sized paper)

Remark  50             (line art)

Head  75-150      (line art or copics)

Bust  150-250    (line art or copics)

Waist   350             (copics)



First five signatures free than $10 a signature

If personalized, free signatures

$10 graded/CGC

THIS IS A GUIDELINE, it may CHANGE slightly by showtime.