Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Step by Step RED ONE Hardcover - Part 2 Pencils

RED ONE Book 1 is now out - take a look at how we created the cover starting at the beginning.

Now we go into the final pencils...

Tweaked Vera's face a litttle more - happy now!

Make the figure inkable now for Rachel - tightening up the drawing in other words

Finishing the "Moscow" half of the cover

Finishing Vera's hair

I picture Vera's hair as the straighter center parted hair - 74-75 hair - while most of the girls in LA in 1977 will be heading toward "Farrah" hair.

Laying down the "Hammer".

Finalizing the "LA" background on the right

I gave Rachel the front cover to ink while I finished the backcover ... c'est la vie! Rachel "IX-NAYED" the little Soviet Vera figure on the back cover so I just added more smoke from Lou and Alabama's moto.

Next, inks!

To be continued...

The book is available everywhere now-

You can have your local retailer order you a copy through Diamond also 

Plus through major online retailers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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  1. ....`X Nay on the Ruskay`!!....Great cover to a beautiful edition book... heel mooi werk guys...!!

    1. Hey Mark! Ha, thanks! Hope all is well - I owe you an email!


  2. ...All my best to you both, we´ll definately talk soon...!!