Saturday, July 25, 2015

Copic Marker Demo of Princess Leia from SDCC

See how I turned this drawing into a full rendered Copic Marker drawing live at my booth at San Diego Comic Con 2015!

Rough in with Col Erase Scarlet Red and Pigma 01 Micron Pen on a Blank Star Wars Princess Leia #1 Cover.

From here, I had the rest of the sketching filmed (didn't know beforehand, I simply roughed in the Leia before I came into the show for the day to work on during the show as commission-ee (Demian, my website honcho, actually) was leaving at 3pm that day).

So, I sat and talked with Adriana (who filmed the whole thing) at my booth with numerous breaks to stop and sign and talk to people - but I think this shows pretty well how I "Copic" a piece - when interrupted about 50 times ;-)

Adriana ended up holding my stack of pens for me while I draw - I might have to hire her full time :-)

 Pitt Pens S, F and B Black Pen, Copic Warm Grey 1, 2, 3, 4, 6  and 8 and White Prismacolor Pencil


You can see a film of the whole Copic process here courtesy of Visual Zen Advocate Victor Glover -


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