Tuesday, July 14, 2015

RED ONE Book 1: Welcome to America AVAILABLE NOW

So RED ONE Book 1: Welcome to America debuted at the San Diego Comic Con last week and on it's available everywhere now!

 It's the 80 page collection of Xavier Dorison and my story of everyone's favorite Soviet Agent Vera Yelnikov as she goes on a undercover mission to 1977 Los Angeles. The book features the 59 page story plus 16 pages of bonus material all wrapped in a oversized European style Hardcover.

Take a look!

You can how see much bigger the 9.5" x 12.5" Book is compared to the Comic Book.

Here's a good look at the spine for the thickness. Based 1 to 1 on the European Bande Dessinee style of comic books that I love!

Here's the credits page.

The Book has been completed redesigned and the printing turned out great!

Another look at how well the art fills out these pages.

Here's a look at the bonus material.

The Book has 16 pages of bonus material including character designs, unused covers,  the covers sans lettering, a close look at pencils and inks of the pages plus a look at the making of all 
new wraparound cover.

The book is available everywhere now-

You can have your local retailer order you a copy through Diamond also 

Plus through major online retailers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Find out more about RED ONE at



  1. Might just have to buy this story twice.

    1. :-). I can only say that this is the definitive version of the book, how I always wanted it to be. Xavier never had an comic book of his work before so he really wanted floppies and of course, retailers and fans are so used to the floppy format that we really had to offer both.

      Thanks for the support!