Monday, July 20, 2015

Step by Step RED ONE Hardcover - Part 1 Initial Pencils

RED ONE Book 1 is now out - take a look at how we created the cover starting at the beginning.

I had the wraparound image with the large Vera figure in my head for a LONG LONG time.

This was the last paper sketch I did in April 2015.

Once I sent issue 5 of Princess Leia out the door, I started to work on the final cover at the end of May 2015. 

Since there were so many elements I worked out a full size rough digitally and of course I had to make a wraparound Hardcover template for myself.

On to the cover - I taped together two 12 x 18 Bristol Boards to make a nice big cover!

I started by roughing in the cover with a Col Erase Light Blue Pencil.

Started nailing down the figure and determining the correct location for the hammer and sickle.

Switched to an HB lead pencil to begin finishes.

Ended up having the sickle go up in order to point back at Vera and the logo!

Refining figure - pretty happy at this point.

To be continued...

The book is available everywhere now-

You can have your local retailer order you a copy through Diamond also 

Plus through major online retailers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Find out more about RED ONE at



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