Monday, December 23, 2013

X-Men #7 Page 12 - Script to Line Art

A look behind the making of  Marvel Comics X-Men #7 Page 12 (out in stores now).

Here's Brian Wood's script for page 12 from X-Men #7. I print this out on 8.5 x 11 paper. I drew the page layout right on the script - loose but I knew exactly what I was going to do. 

This was a decent way into the issue so I already had a good idea of what the page would look based on the scene I was drawing so no need for a real tight layout. This entire issue was drawn at about an 8 page a week pace as opposed to my more comfortable 4-5 pages a week so I was really flying - optimizing shortcuts over details. So, I really try to prioritize storytelling and solid drafting over everything else in this situation.

This page was drawn on 12 x 17 Marvel stock bristol board, using a Col Erase Light Blue and Staedtler HB Lead pencil.

 I started with the "easiest" to draw elements first, to give myself a mental lift of having a page "almost" completed at the beginning :-).

Storytelling wise, the 5th had the most to convey "acting" wise so felt I really needed to nail that next.

Finishing that panel.

The storytelling and rough in did all the work for me, I'm just putting lead to page at this point to get the page drawn.

Detail of the 3rd panel.

And voila, the last of the details down, I ink the cars myself with Copic Multi Liner pens.

Rachel inking directly on my pencils, using a Windsor Newton Series 7 #2 Sable Brush, Higgins Black Magic Ink plus a croquille and tech pen for some details.

A close up look at Rachel's inking.

The artwork is then scanned and cleaned in Photoshop - I adjust the panels so they all fit and have proper borders. Then I put it on the Marvel Server for the colorist.



  1. Thanks for the peek behind the scenes. Are you using Sketch up for vehicles etc these days? I see in your breakdown that you started with simple place holder shapes for the vans.

    1. Yeah, as necessary, though I generally draw by hand - but there are couple on here that I did use Sketch Up because there were so many of the same vehicles appearing.

  2. Love the close up on the inks. The feathering is awesome.

  3. Now I know why you call it the bomb shelter, because you are the bomb.
    Thanks again for sharing, it helps so much when doing my own process. Just the simple idea of drawing the character "first", before adding the background never occurred to me.

  4. Always beautiful, and interesting ! Still fan of both of you. Bonjour from Aix-en-Provence ! :)