Thursday, December 19, 2013

X-Men #7 Page 10 - Script to Line Art

I haven't done one of these in a long time - a look behind the making of a page of comics. This is for Marvel Comics X-Men #7 Page 10 (out in stores now).

Here's Brian Wood's script for page 10 from X-Men #7. I print this out on 8.5 x 11 paper. On the right side you see my little sketches for the panel layouts.

This was a decent way into the issue so I already had a good idea of what the page would look based on the scene I was drawing so no need for a real tight layout. This entire issue was drawn at about an 8 page a week pace as opposed to my more comfortable 4-5 pages a week so I was really flying - optimizing shortcuts over details. So, I really try to prioritize storytelling and solid drafting over everything else in this situation.

This page was drawn on 12 x 17 Marvel stock bristol board, using a Col Erase Light Blue and Staedtler HB Lead pencil.

 I always get the figures drawn first so as not to waste time fussing with background details - I will do this last as time allows - however the backgrounds and perspectives are are roughed in lightly.

Tightening in on the characters.

In the 3rd panel, I need more space to get Karima all drawn in correctly so the drawing goes outside the border - but as a happy accident,  I think I will leave it to enhance the storytelling.

A close up look at my pencils.

Here's the final pencils. I ink the vehicles myself as Rachel Dodson hates inking cars and I know exactly how I want them to look.

Rachel inking directly on my pencils, using a Windsor Newton Series 7 #2 Sable Brush, Higgins Black Magic Ink plus a croquille and tech pen for some details.

A close up look at Rachel's inking  - that's all brush!

The artwork is then scanned and cleaned in Photoshop and put on the Marvel Server for the colorist-
And here's the final colors by Andrew Crossley.

Et voila - comic book page!



  1. Thank you Terry. This is very informative and means a lot to me as someone trying to work out to maybe one day break into the field. Really good stuff here. And the artwork is fantastic as usual.

  2. Excellent art, informative process!

  3. Being a process junkie, this is an early Christmas present. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Rachel's brushwork is outstanding. Make no mistake, Terry, they're great pencils, but that brushwork steals the show on this page...