Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Guardians of the Galaxy #5 Angela Variant Cover Step by Step

This week, Guardians of the Galaxy #5 ships and I provided the Angela Variant cover for it - here's how I created it!

Sketch was to feature the introduction of new character, Angela, and GOTG character Gamorra facing off against unseen foe.

Sketches drawn in my sketchbook, then cleaned and colored in Photoshop and sent off to Marvel Editor, Steve Wacker, for approval.

Initial pencil rough in drawn on 12 x 18 Bristol Board with Col Erase Light Blue and HB Pencil.

Next stage of pencils, adding more detail, and changing length of Gamorra's legs.

Honing in final details!

Final pencils.

Rachel starts inking in the Foreground, using #2 Sable Brush.


Moving forward on inks, still all brush at this point.

Final Inks

Flat colors, this is how my colors look at the beginning - the local colors and flat.

Roughed in the colors pretty quick and added a spacey background on a separate layer just to see how it looked.

Honing in on final look, cleaning and starting to covert lineart to color.

Final colors.

How the printed version looks!