Friday, August 2, 2013

Captain America SDCC 2013 Step by Step

Here's a look behind how I made this Captain Amerca sketch at SDCC 2013. The sketch owner actually dressed in this costume at the show - I'm sure you can find pics online - about a million were taken while she was in front of my table.

Initial rough in  on 11 x16 Canson Mi-teintes Paper, drawing with an Col Erase Scarlet Red Pencil. Then I go straight to "inking" the outline of the drawing with a small tipped (S, .005, .3) permanent pen (to avoid bleeding when I later use the Copics greys).

I start with the face on these because if it isn't happening here - no point continuing with the sketch.

After getting the drawing "inked", I use Copic Warm Greys starting with the 2 and continuing up with to 3, 4, 6 and 8's for adding all the values. I then come back with the Pigma Graphic 1 and with the pen Dave Gibbons introduced me to in Australa, the Zig Mangaka Pen F to ink the final lines.

I then use White Prismacolor for highlights.

Looks like we could use a background.

Here we go, much better ;-)

And the happy owner, thanks Stephanie!



  1. Always amazed at the work you do under the less than ideal conditions of the convention floor.

    1. Thanks -probably why I keep doing them - the challenge!