Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Superior Spider-Man Team Up #1 Deadpool Cover - Step by Step

Here's a look behind how I made the Deadpool Variant of Superior Spider-Man Team Up 
#1 cover,

My initial cover sketch for the Deadpool Variant of Superior Spider-Man Team Up #1 facing off against the Marvel Universe. I draw this with pencil, pen and copies - scan and cleanup in Photoshop. Then sent to my editor Sana Amanat at Marvel Comics for approval.

It was decided to use Paolo Rivera's actual cover to #1 as the backdrop to have Deadpool facing off with against them.

Here's my initial pencils drawn on 12 x 18 Bristol Board with Paolo's image printed out in light blue.

To help see it a little better now it will look when mixed together.

Rachel Dodson's inks with #2 Sable Brush and tech pens for the guns.

Colored by me in Photoshop - lots of fun coloring Deadpool!

Here's how it looks combined.

Another virtual combination - Rachel's inks with Paolo's version.

And how the printed cover looks!



  1. Magnificent work!
    Hmmm...I kind of get upset when the canvas size isn't big enough to fully showcase the true scope / all the elements of the outstanding work; nevertheless, your art quality is still 100%.
    I know you've done this sort of "layering" before, but what you did is actually tied to an animation style, since when I studied 2D cartoons years ago, this is the sort of thing that is done when combining characters and backgrounds.
    Keep up the good work Mr. Dodson!

    1. It was a good challenge to make it work - thanks!