Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Peace on Earth Step by Step "Lettering"

So here's I how I did the lettering for this. 

I knew exactly the drawing I was doing and I knew I wanted lettering on the big ornament in the foreground. I thought something along the lines of "Happy Holidays" but after the events after the last week here in the US, I thought "Peace on Earth" might be most appropriate.
 I printed out a full size version of the area I was lettering while Rachel inked the original. I knew I wanted a flowy-nouveau-y style of lettering and so just roughed it in quickly - thinking more about compostion than the actually letters.
 I elongated the "P" and moved the "on".
I had the lettering figured out more so I began unifying all the letters into a similar style and borrowing from the more successful ones. Really pushed the "P". Found the "E" in the Mucha Art Nouveau style guide.

So, traced over this version with a Pigma Micron 08 black Pen.
Scanned and cleaned up in Photoshop.
Dropped into the finished lineart in Photoshop.

Next, the colors.