Friday, December 21, 2012

Peace on Earth Step by Step "Color to Print"

After scan is completed, I did all the coloring in Photoshop CS3 using a Wacom Intuos Graphic Tablet circa 2000.
The initial stage of colors - "Flats" - done by me to make it easy to select and change my coloring as I go. I usually hire a "flatter" to do this for me.
Boom! Done! - lay down a light medium orange to harmonize the whole piece

Quickly drop in the local colors - keeping everything very orangey-Muchaesque
Start on the next layer of finish - adding lights and darks for volume and depth - I actually did a couple of "balls" a little bluish and greenish.

I also began turning the lineart to a Muchaesque dark red/brown and making the interior lineart even lighter.

A couple more tweaks - tried the dress in green but didn't like it.
Added more shadows and volume especially to the main "Ball" and Ribbon".

I kept the coloring very simple as I printed this out on my home printer for speed...

Here's my template for my Holiday Card.
Et voila - the finished product - this is why I didn't get too crazy with the coloring as I've yet to get my printer to match my on screen coloring but I think it has it's own charm.

I will end up doing prints or postcards of some sort of this image so I can have a more accurate coloring  but this was fun to do!

Happy Holidays!

Terry and Rachel


  1. Already said that , but i love to repeat myself when it comes to such beautifull art : It's gorgeous Rachel and Terry , i love it all , the art and the message .
    Happy holidays .

  2. Who wouldn't want to find such a beautiful image in their mail box.

  3. Joyeux Noël
    et merci pour une année de grand art!