Friday, June 30, 2017

Wonder Woman Copic Sketch Demo

How I made Alison's Wonder Woman sketch-


11" x 14" Color Canson Mi Teinte Pastel paper
Col Erase Scarlet Red Pencil
 Copic Warm Grey Pens
Pitt S and B Black Markers
 Prismacolor White Pencil 
 Pro White

My initial rough in with the Col Erase Pencil


Using the Pitt S Pen to nail down drawing before Copics.

Then begin with Copic Warm Grey 1 for initial value.

Tighten up drawing more with Red Pencil and Pitt S before using Copic Warm Grey 2.

And this is how it looked after video...

Finished all the lineart.

Detail of image before the...


Tighten up final line art with Pitt S then Copic Warm Grey 3 for next value.

Use Pitt B Pen for hair.

Use Copic Warm Grey 4 for next value.

Then Copic Warm Grey 6 for background and outline.

Refresh lineart with Pitt S pen on face.

Next, highlights with Prismacolor White Pencil.

One more refresher with Copic Warm Grey.

Finally, Pro White applied for lettering and highlights.

And ...

this is how it looked after the video.

I darkened the darks and detailed her nose a bit. 

Added background element.


Final art.

Bonus - what book is Princess Diana reading? 

Hint - the answer is in the question...

Interested in getting on my sketch list for San Diego Comic Con?

Detail HERE


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