Thursday, June 8, 2017

Three Things About The Heroes Con Sketch List

Three things about the Heroes Con Sketch List - 

1) This is the first time I've done a Pre-Show Commission List as I thought there might be a lot of requests for a 3 day show  that I had never attended, so a lot of new people to do sketches for.

2) I'm absolutely stunned at the number of requests I got at 6:00 PM.

Thanks so much for your interest!

3) And based on the number of requests I got I'm glad I did it this way, as I think I would have spent the majority of the show Friday dealing with the sketch list, as opposed to sketching, signing, talking, etc with all the fans at the show which is a difficult experience for everyone.


I will have copies of my Bombshells Sketchbook, Masquerade Sketchbook, and Red One Book 1 and 2 for sale which I generally do complimentary head sketches in as a thank you for the support.

I'm really looking forward to Heroes, seeing Charlotte and meeting everyone - I've heard a lot of great stuff about Heroes Con! 


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