Monday, May 15, 2017

Songes Tome 2 Célia Cover Step by Step Part 2 Revised Line Art

The final art for the Songes T2 Cover. And here's a look at how I made the line art for it!

So, after rejecting the first version of the cover as discussed in PART ONE, I decided to make some changes and corrections to the line art.

The first thing I did was to firm up the characters in the reflection.

Next, I redrew the boy.

Then I redrew Coraline's face/hair and corrected bits of the drawing overall.

Most importantly, making sure she caught YOUR eye!

The art was then scanned and cleaned in Photoshop.

So, now I reassembled it all in Photoshop and added in the background digitally - just to give myself something to work off of.

And upside down without all the lilies and background.

The art is converted from Grayscale to Bitmap  (I discuss how I scan and prepare my art for Photoshop ...)

Next time in Part 3,