Sunday, May 14, 2017

Songes Tome 2 Célia Cover Step by Step Part 1 False Start

So, this is the final art for the Songes T2 Cover. And here's a look at the cover that wasn't.

So, sometimes you draw a cover and know all along it isn't right - here's a look at how that happened!

Here's my initial rough pencils for the Songes T2 cover - I tested the art in the cover template to see how we were doing...

Next, I nailed down the reflection....

Line Art

The lily pads were drawn on a separate piece of paper and dropped in digitally.

Artwork was drawn on 13" x 19" bristol board with HB Lead pencil.


Coloring is done in Photoshop CS3 using an Intous Tablet.

Something is nagging at me about this piece at this point...

Initial colors

One note, this was needed really quickly for solicitation and I think at this point I realized I was going to need a HECK of a lot more time to do this properly.

That nagging is getting stronger and stronger...

Final colors

At this point, I find the nagging problem -   the main figure is NOT looking at the camera... and what I drew is not necessarily wrong but it's just not pulling the viewer in.

Oh, well, the commercial world waits and I will have to fix this problem down the road, as in Bande Dessinée world, it takes a LONGTEMPS before the books ship.

C'est la vie!

Next time, a look at how I made the ACTUAL cover...

Part Two


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