Saturday, December 24, 2016

Spider-Gwen #14 Cover Step by Step Part 3 Color

Rachel Dodson and I did the variant cover for Spider-Gwen #14.

Out now from Marvel Comics!

Here's the Part 3 of the Step by Step of how we made the cover art!


The first stage of color is called flats - flatting allows me to choose an area to color at any point throughout the coloring process.

Initial Rough In

I colored this on my Cintiq 13 HD using Photoshop CS3 .

Here I rough in quickly all the medium lights and darks on the figures and cast initial shadows.


Using the Pencil Tool on the figure and a customized brush for texture on the clouds.

I used the Gradient Tool for the Background.

And I use a Custom Brush for the Clouds.

Coloring Line Art

At this point I like to color the line art... especially the interior edges and the edges facing the strongest light. 

 Of course, I lose as much of the line as possible - especially as I move away from the "camera".


Detail of final colors.

Recap of the Step by Step -




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