Sunday, August 21, 2016

Ms Marvel Auction Sketch Step by Step

Drawn at the Boston Comic Con Charity Drink and Draw, Friday, August 11th - for the 

Mike Wieringo Memorial Art Auction, 

which benefits not only the Ringo Scholarship at SCAD but also the Canadian Cancer Society in 
memory of Darwyn Cooke. 

Ms Marvel by request

Initial rough in

Col Erase Scarlet Red Pencil

Drawn on 9" x 12" Canson Mi-TeintesPastel paper

Decided on "Joke"

Finding the drawing with a thin pen I can go over with the Copics to avoid bleeding blacks.

Pigma Micron 03 Pen

More "finding" the drawing...

Copic Warm Grey 2 Marker

Punchline to Joke found :-)


Copic Warm Grey 3 Marker

Pitt S and F Pens to bulk up Line Art

Copic Warm Grey 3 and 4 Marker

Copic Warm Grey 4 and 6 Marker

Pitt big B black pen

Little more tightening up drawing with 

Pitt F Pen

And a Prismacolor White Pencil for Highlights

And done!

And the CHAOS going on around me while I drew...

Concentrate concentrate...

Ended up going for $500 for a good cause - yay!



  1. One of the highlight pieces of this year's auction.

    1. Cool, thanks, Brian! I didn't get to see anybody else's pieces unfortunately...