Thursday, August 25, 2016

Harley Quinn #1 Variant Cover Step by Step Part 1

My homage to my Harley Quinn #1 cover 

Rachel Dodson inks, Alex Sinclair colors and me pencils.

for the new Harley Quinn #1 cover.

Rachel Dodson inks, colors and pencils by me.

From DC Comics and Midtown Comics!

Step by Step Part 1


Drawn in Light Blue and HB lead on 12" x 18" Bristol Board .

I knew exactly what this cover would look like - just a matter of figuring out Harley's face...


Another shot...

The Harley figure was the easy part, still not happy with the Harley face...


Getting closer

There were elements of the figure in my initial Harley cover that just weren't right so it was fun to "correct" them for this cover :-)


Detailing Harley

Now, there she is!


Finishing up the rendering on the figure


Finishing her hair and one more EYE revision

Yeah, the finished pencils...

where is the Background?

See that in Part 2

And Part 3


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