Saturday, June 25, 2016

Batman Rebirth #1 Step by Step Part 4 Colors 2

Our cover art for Midtown Comics Batman Rebirth #1 - a full color and black and version are available here-

And here's Part 4 of the Step by Step of how we made the art!

Colors 2

On to the next level of rendering and smoothing.

Nailing the rendering on Selena's face... 

Working on the jewels, goggles...

And see all the layers I'm using here as I add little gradients to smooth out things - which when satisfied I merge...

Now time to convert line art to color...

Skin tones, rim lights, jewels...

This is the fun polishing part of the art.

Sharp eyed viewers will notice the inclusion of Darwyn in the BG. Rachel finished inking this on the 14th of May - the day that Darwyn Cooke was announced to have cancer. I started coloring the cover that same day and continued to work on it Saturday, the 15th of May, when Darwyn passed...

Shocking stuff!

For numerous reasons, it just felt right to include his name on this.

The finished art

All the final line art conversions, glows on signs and gems and final highlights!


So, Pinky...

On the morning of May 14th when Rachel was still wrapping the inks- we took our cat, Pinky, back into the vet, for blood tests and x-ray at 8:00 am as she had not been week that week.

At 10:30 am, we received a call that Pinky had an inoperable tumor on her liver that had been the cause of all the problems that she had been suffering for months and culminated that week.

So needless to say it was a difficult day or two wrapping up this cover but it was great to get her memorialized on this cover as a thanks for being such a good pal!

Our studio has felt much smaller without her in it...



See the Pencil version here

and Inks here

Colors 1



  1. ...Oh no, so sorry to hear this, good to know you guys were able to give her a loving home for 14 years....
    Here´s to the memory of Pinky....!!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Mark - she was a big cat with a gregarious personality that really left a surprising void in own house with her gone...

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. Pinky was a beautiful girl. Thank you for sharing both photos, seeing how an adorable kitten grew into an adorable cat.

    1. Thanks so much! She went from 8 ounces to 19 pounds :-)