Monday, April 25, 2016

Working on the Road

While on vacation in the California desert in February I HAD to get two covers colored while out of my studio.

 This was my set up...

I had to work at this table outside as there was no flat surface in my room. Fortunately it was nice out and felt pretty refreshing to work outside - it kept me stimulated as the evening air cooled - relaxing as opposed to stressful!

On the bed on the far right, is the local cat, who stayed up working with me.

Ignore my ergonomics, that was NOT good - but that was the best I could do...

My set up

My iPad for ref, my iPhone for ... something, my Mac Pro laptop, and of course, my Wacom tablet.

Working in the dark space was beneficial - I prefer coloring with minimal lights on - as reduces glare and let's see the color accurately.



  1. If you have to work on vacation, at least you got to do it outside and with a cat.

    1. I couldn't agree more - really made it bearable!