Friday, March 11, 2016

Lois & Clark #5 Cover - Inking Neal Adams

Heres a look at my first professional inking job over somebody else. It was for a Lois and Clark cover by Neal Adams.... no pressure.

Had a total blast doing this - if the penciling gig goes dry I might switch to inking..

The cover is out in stores now from DC Comics!

Here are Neal's pencils that were provided to me...


I had email my editor to determine if he was changing into a monster or just mad -didn't know anything about the story. Interesting to be on this side of things...

I turned the art into blue line and printed out on full size DC Cover Stock.

I stared with a Pigma Micron 02 pen and just started with the faces.

Detail of Pigma 02 and a Zig Managka Flexible F on the thicker blacks.

Worked into the main figures - using 02 and 08 Pigmas and some Pitt S.

Same tools just working farther back into depth of field


Not worrying pretty lines just drawing in ink...

All main figure work done. 

Using the 08 and Mangaka F to thicken everything up plus a little Pitt F. Basically whatever was handy... 


Really happy with how the face turned out - good thing....

The finished art. 

I had Rachel Dodson fill in the blacks with her brush and india ink to make sure it looked sharp (good help if you can get it ;-)


Worked on the wedding dress material and little bits of white out here and there.

Scanned in and sent off to Mark Chiarello for approval.

Alex Sinclair added his masterful coloring for final print.


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