Friday, June 27, 2014

Vampirella #1 Cover - Step by Step Part THREE - COLOR

Here's a look of how we created the cover to Vampirella 1…

The book is out now written by Nancy A. Collins and drawn by Patrick Berkenkotter.

Final stage, the icing, the COLORS….

Yeah, flats…

The first stage of coloring is to have the art "flatted".

Flatting allows me to choose an area to color at any point throughout the coloring process.

At this stage I go and adjust the colors to their medium value or imprimatura - I use this as the starting point.

Knew exactly how I was going to color this so quick stage for me...

My initial rough in of the colors, done in Photoshop CS3 with my temporarily owned (I'll explain later) Wacom Cintiq 21UX. I add darker values first and then the lighter values.

Already happy with how this is going I move right into altering the lineart to color.

Initial pass.

Final pass - changes the pink background to white/yellow/green.


Polished the heck out of the metals and face!


Print version...

The cover is out now.

You can find this comic at your local comic book retailer

And digitally at Comixology