Friday, May 2, 2014

Catwoman #30 Step by Step - PART THREE - Colors

Here's a look of how the cover to Catwoman 30 was made…

Now for the colors

The first stage of coloring is to have the art "flatted".
Flatting allows the colorist to choose an area to color at any point throughout the coloring process.

My initial rough in of the colors, done in Photoshop CS3 with a Wacom Intuos Graphics Tablet. 

I moved to finishing details, such as turning all the black lineart into color lineart. I added more texture and color to the background.

This was the version sent out for solicitation.

For the final art I smoothed and cleaned up the backgrounds as I had a little more time plus editorial requested a more green and orange version of Mirror Master.

Side note- Just got a Wacom Cintiq and used to do these changes with - stay posted for further developments!

Detail shot

The printed comic itself.

The cover is out now!

You can find this comic at your local comic book retailer

And digitally at Comixology 



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