Thursday, February 24, 2011

X-Men #7 Cover Step By Step 4 COLOR 2

Coloring part 2

Step 11- Add the lightning reflecting off the top/back of Spidey. Then added texture to the smoke with my "smoke" brush - just a big texture brush.

On my Line Art layer, I turn Cyclops "power" to red line.

Step 12- FX - On a layer on top of my color and line art layers, I airbrush tool the lightning and the reflective lightning off the top of heads, etc plus some of the smoke.

Also use my smoke brush on the buildings for a little more texture.

On the Line Art layer, I turn Storm's hand and lightning to colored line and where the lightning hits Emma's head and Spidey's legs to colored line as well.

Step 13 - Made lights in the background "glow" and corrected flying rubbish near Wolverine.

Had Spidey's red suit reflect into the shadowed parts of his blue suit.

This is version I sent off to Marvel for solicitations - not the final printed version, that will be next.

Next, the final version and the variant!



  1. Thanks for posting these Terry. Always fascinating to see the development of an image as well as being a great learning tool.

  2. Thanks - it's fun to see how these turn out!