Sunday, February 13, 2011

X-Men #7 Cover Step By Step 1

OK, the cover of X-Men #7 featured the X-Men in New York with Spider-Man as the guest. The only other rule I had was to include the "X" logo in the sky.

Step 1 - Working in my sketchbook, I knew just about what I wanted, but I had a couple slight variations in mind. Drawn with Pencil, Pitt and Copic Markers at about 8 x 9".

Step 2 - Scanned that page and in Photoshop rearranged the images to the two versions I had in mind and did a little color versions as well. This is what I sent into Marvel. They chose B.

Step 3 - So went straight to full size 13 x 19" Strathmore 2 ply bristol board and using Col Erase Light Blue Pencil and HB Staedtler Lead to rough in the cover as seen here!

Next - the pencils!



  1. Awesome stuff! Very Insightful Mr Dodson!

  2. Putting Spidey upside down was an inspired choice. Really kicks the design into high gear.

  3. love your style.
    for me its so sad that i live in germany,
    so i probaly never get the chance to meet you live!! ;o((
    keep doing your best.

  4. 13x19 is pretty large. Do you normally do that size for covers or for all of your pencils. (been a while since I've drawn on comic book paper, that's probably the normal size lol)

  5. Thanks for your comments!

    RE-Size- I draw my pages at 11 x 17, and most of my covers at 13 x19.