Saturday, June 27, 2020

Virtual WONDERCON Sketchlist Update 6.0 - YES! And next LIST UPDATE!

Just sent out my next round of sketch approvals - I've exceptionally busy getting ADVENTUREMAN out to you all (did I mention I have a new creator owned comic book?).

SO, I'm STILL continuing down the WC list as I haven't had time to start the next list. So if you did hear from me in May, there's still a chance!

I will probably do a NEW LIST to coincide with San Diego Comic Con. 

I will be doing a live sketch on July 8th when ADVENTUREMAN #2 - mmm, someone asked for Claire from ADVENTUREMAN, probably a good idea of what I will be doing!

I've been posting VIDEOS of the making of the sketches on Instagram and Twitter.

Here's a sneak peek at the finished version of a sketch Rachel added SCREENTONES to. I will post the final soon!

Take care!



  1. Hi Terry. How do we get on the commission list once its reopened? And do you share when its open on social media or do we need to keep an eye on the blog site? Thanks for your time

    1. This details how I did the last list, and how I do all the lists is right here -

      I SHARE on SM that it will open at X date, and then a reminders as it gets closer. I will most likely do one around the dates of the Cancelled San Diego Comic Con - mid to late July. Thanks!