Saturday, June 13, 2020

ADVENTUREMAN News June 13, 2020!

Hey Adventurefans, here's some stuff to look at!

Check out this Q & A with Matt Fraction and me at Forbes


And this from EW- 


  1. You had me at "ghost guns."

    The opening of the story was like jumping on to a speeding locomotive only to find within a few pages that the engineer was holding back and was now opening her up full throttle. So glad I only have to wait until July for the next issue.

    Really liked your costume design for Hellcat Maggie and a tip of the hat to Mr. Fraction for coming up with "The Ghostly Saint of The Burlesque" for the lovely Phaedra Phantom.

    Bravo and Brava.

    1. So happy to hear you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed making it! Thank s and please recommend to your friends!

    2. I talked it up at my LCBS yesterday. One of the guys had it from last week and one of the guys picked it up.