Thursday, September 20, 2018

Mr. and Mrs. X #3 Cover Art Step by Step Part 1 Pencils

Part 1 of the Step by Step making of the cover art -


I submitted sketches for issue 2 and 3 together

The approved cover concept I sent into Marvel Comics for approval. 
Roughs were drawn at 2" x 3" in my sketchbook using Warm Grey Copics then colored in Photoshop CS3.

Drawn in Col Erase Light Blue and Staedtler HB Lead Pencil on 13" x 19" Strathmore 400 Series 2 Ply Vellum Bristol Board 

Got Gambit right off!

Move onto the background figures...

Tightening up Rogue now...

Almost done...

More blacks added to Gambit

Finish up Rogue 

Get the details on Gambit finalized... off to Rachel to start inking 

Once Rachel started to ink, I finished drawing the background...

Next time, 




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