Tuesday, October 18, 2016

RED ONE #4 Cover Art Step by Step Part 1 Line Art

Here's a look of how we made the cover for RED ONE #4-


My sketch for the cover drawn digitally in Manga Studio.

Boom! It's all here - time to draw!


Initial rough in of drawing. Basically, just draw it - the idea and composition is good.

I draw on 12” x 18” Strathmore 500 Series 2 Ply Vellum Bristol Board with a Col Erase Light Blue Pencil and Staedtler HB Lead and Lead Holder.

Alternating Vera's head/expression slightly until I get the attitude I want.

Final Pencils

I nail down all the final details last - the camera, weapons, boots - so I don't have to draw them twice in case there are problems with the drawing that need to be corrected.


Rachel Dodson’s in process inks for the cover of RED ONE #4.

Rachel inks directly over Terry’s pencils with a Winsor Newton Series 7 #2 Finest Sable Brush and Higgins Black Magic Ink.

Next time -


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