Saturday, July 21, 2012

Scenes from the Con Part 2

 Ah, my vision is already going - not really, I make a lot of facial gestures while drawing, especially squinting - all "real" artists do this ;-)

Nothing like standing and drawing with a pen in front of a crowd - just like in the studio.

You have now left the Earth's gravitational field....

The Flesk Panel from Thursday morning. John Fleskes asked me to do this panel and I said yes of course, what a great seat to watch and listen!

Craig Elliott (The Art of Craig Elliott), William Stout (Hallucinations, Inspirations), me, Mark Schultz  (Xenozoic), Jim Silke (Jungle Girls, Jim Silke Sketchbook), John Fleskes and moderator Jonathan Leveck (Flesk’s Director of Operations)

Great panel and I will post a link up when I have one with details from it.


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