Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kapow! Comicon Sketch Info

Ok, this con is so short and I will have virtually no time to draw sketches because this is my first trip to London and I'm not going to be sitting in my hotel room sketching while I should be out on a double decker bus - but I know a lot of you want to get on my sketch list so I am taking a pre-convention sketch list for the first time. 

So, in order to get on the list you have to -

a) be able to pick up the sketch at the Kapow Con May 19-20 in London, England in PERSON!
b) Pay for 1/2 sketch upfront to reserve your spot on the list
c) and I get to choose which sketches I'm doing


As it will be very difficult to take a list and do the sketches at the show, I'm going to take a list of pre-show sketches online. I will do as many as I can and I will notify you by email if you have been selected.

After I inform via email that you have been selected - to reserve sketch, pay 1/2 up front via Paypal and the rest in person when you pick up sketch. You can pay the full amount up front via Paypal if you want.

These sketches will be done before and during the show, not after.


- 11x14"  "Convention Sketch" bust (waist/torso up) - pen, greytone markers, colored pencil on colored paper £100

- 11x17"  "Convention Sketch" full figure - pen, greytone markers, colored pencil on colored paper  £185


-All single figure

-One sketch per person

-Can be done on White Strathmore Bristol Board instead of colored for same price but let me know NOW!

-If pencil only add £60 to price

-If ink only (no added greytone) add £30 to price

-I have final say on which sketches I do, how many, my interpretation of character, taste, etc, but I assume you want me to do the sketch for a reason ;-)

-Rachel will not be inking any sketches


You must pick up IN PERSON at the Kapow! Comic Convention in London May 19-20.

If you don't pickup in person I'm will sell the sketch as I will not be mailing art or making any other arrangements.

These are CONVENTION sketches not commissions and will treated and executed like my traditional convention sketches and there are plenty examples of sketches online so there shouldn't be any surprises.

No returns, refunds, hassles, etc.

I'm just trying to get sketches to those of you who want sketches and can't make it to shows in the US!

Hopefully that is everything! This is my first time doing a pre-convention list - I will do my best to deal with your request. If not, know I tried :-) I reserve the right to make changes and extra REASONABLE requests to this list, if I happen to remember later, but for the benefit of all!

To inquire about getting on the list - please send type of sketch and character to and that you will be able to pick up in person to-

terry @ terrydodsonart dot com


Whooh - now I know why I don't do this! ;-)




  1. Hi Terry, Will you be doing a print for your London show?

  2. In the works - fingers crossed I get it done in time!!!


  3. Very cool Terry. I sent you an email about the print if it gets done. :)