Thursday, April 5, 2012

Emerald City Comicon Wrap

A little post con wrap.

The fans were amazing (and of course the show itself was run extremely well by
Jim Demonakos), and it was CRAZY busy - felt like San Diego - but just comics
and a manageable size. I got to see and chat with a bunch of other pros - there
are so many there and you get a chance to talk to everyone (if you can get away
from you table that is).

It's funny how big cosplay trend has become - Saturday in Seattle felt and looked like Saturday in San Diego - crazy!

And of course, Seattle is a great city to visit - never enough time to see
everything we wanted to. Rachel stuck gum to the gumwall at Pike Place, we had
crumpets at the Crumpet Shop, had breakfast at the Athenian with a view of the
sound, had an amazing doughnut at Top Pot and made it up to Captitol Hill for a

The reception to the Seattle Print was better than expected and we sold out
Saturday afternoon - thanks! I will be doing another printing of it, because so
many people wanted and it will be available at future appearances and IF I can
solve shipping problems, available online as well.

I ended up doing 7 commissions. As usual, there wasn't more than 10 minutes of
free time at the show to do the commissions so I ended up having to do them in
the hotel room. I'm starting to post them here .... now!

Didn't have time to see anything else at the con but I was given the new Bruce
Timm Naughty and Nice book (courtesy of the publisher and all around good guy
John Fleskes) and Brittney Lee's book (who did a great little dedication for
Rachel and I) - she was sitting directly across from us and we kept noticing her
art. She's works for Disney Feature Animation and does the prints for fun -
check her out.


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