Monday, March 14, 2011

Emerald City Comic Con Sketch 5 - Elektra

Commission sketch #5 drawn at the Emerald City Comic Con (March 2011), Elektra!

I haven't drawn too many Elektra's so I googled her costume and there were so many variations, I shut it down and drew it out of my head!

Original art is drawn on 12" x 16" Canson Pastel Paper with Col Erase Light Blue Pencil, Staedtler HB Lead, Black Copic Multiliners 05 and 08 Markers, Pitt "XS" "S" "M" Markers, Copic Warm Grey 0-9 Markers, and White Prismacolor Pencil.



  1. Wow awesome thanx my favourite one up to now always wanted to see a sketch of Elektra done by you!!!! So cool!!!

  2. Elektra and katanas? Awesome!

  3. Amazing! How long did it take you for that one?

  4. Thanks, guys!

    This one took less than hour.

  5. Amazing! I was just thinking the other day about what Elektra (my favorite character) would look like under your pen, and the answer is awesome!Now if only you could add some eye popping red to that...

    And don't fret about the costume - you got her classic look :)