Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Emerald City Comic Con Sketch 1 - Black Cat

Here's my fist sketch from the Emerald City Comic Con (March 2011) featuring Black Cat. Always fun to draw, but this one's a little stiff as I had about a million interruptions (which is cool - I'm at the show for the fans!) while drawing the first day of the show and ended up having to finish in the morning before the show the next day.

Original art is drawn on 12" x 16" Canson Pastel Paper with Col Erase Light Blue Pencil, Staedtler HB Lead, Black Copic Multiliners 05 and 08 Markers, Pitt "XS" "S" "M" Markers, Copic Warm Grey 0-9 Markers, and White and Henna Prismacolors Pencils.

More to come,



  1. It's a wonderful drawing i cant see any flaw and if anyone does it doesn't count!!!!!!

  2. This was your first from ECCC to pop up on CAF and my reaction was, Wow, Terry is bringing it in Seattle.