Tuesday, August 31, 2010

San Diego 2010 REWIND Part Four - The View from the Booth

Ah, behind the booth at San Diego, it can be a lot of work sometimes and you are not able to see a lot of the other booths and exhibitors...
but it can be fun as well!
And the things you can see while sitting at your booth can be very entertaining, I saw these guys out on the floor and couldn't get a good pic of them, and then, while sitting at the booth, voila!
You also get to see stuff like this, especially on Saturday, the day of the Masquerade!
Outside, there is stuff like this, ah, San Diego, until next year!



  1. Hi Terry,
    I am loving all your sketches from San Diego. Awesome work. I was just wondering, will you continue to do the interior art on Uncanny anytime soon? I'm hoping you'll be staying in the X-verse for a long time. Thanks,


  2. Hi Terry,
    Same question as Andrew, and X-Men interiors soon? No offense to the other artists, but its not the same without your art.

  3. It will be a while until my next arc on X-Men interiors just because of the schedule, but I SHOULD be on the arc following the 5 part arc that starts in November in UNCX 530. Make sense?

    In the meantime, I'm doing an arc of covers for the "X-Men" title starting with #7 plus there is a Namor Origin and a Storm Origin one pagers coming out.