Monday, August 23, 2010

San Diego 2010 REWIND Part One - The Loot!

I spent most of the convention at my table as I had a new sketchbook myself and I kind of needed to be there in order to sell it! I ended up doing about 16 full size commissions like I have posted previously plus hundreds of head sketches. Fortunately, by sitting down at your booth - people come up to you! I ended up talking to all my editors from Marvel, Humanoids and former editors/colleauges ( plus pros, fans, dealers, associates, etc!)

Here's all the books I came back with - Clockwise from Top Left- Arthur Adams Colorsketchbook, The Rocketeer Artist's Edition, Humberto Ramo's New Sketchbook, Dean Yeagle's New Sketchbook, Francisco Herrera's New Sketchbook, Cheek's New Book, AH! New Sketchbook, 3 of Stephane Roux's Sketchbooks, Chris Sander's New Sketchbook, Tom Bancroft's New Sketchbook (this was sent to me after the show), Mark Schultz's New Sketchbook, Jim Cheung's New Sketchbook, Colin Wilson's Sketchbook, Arthur Adam's New Sketchbook and Frank Cho's New Sketchbook (and after looking at the pic, there are a few missing!).

I only bought two of the above books - The Rocketeer and the Chris Sander's one - everything else was given to me by either the artist or their rep - it's the only real advantage of sitting at your table the whole con! I did put in an order after the show to both Brandstudio Press and Stuart NG for all the stuff I missed out on!

I had never heard of Colin Wilson but he had picked up my sketchbook at the Bud Plant booth and so stopped by my booth and introduced himself and gave me a copy of his sketchbook. He's from New Zealand and has spent the last 15 years drawing some amazing comics in France!

I think my favorite sketchbook was the Chris Sanders one - I really adore his drawings.

In my little time out, Rachel and I shopped a bunch for gifts for family members (and I ended up getting two real cool t-shirts!). So I ended up not seeing much of the con, but a lot of the con came to me!



  1. Hey Terry,

    Colin mentioned that he'd dropped by your booth to introduce himself and say "g'day". Colin is very well known throughout Europe for his work on 6 albums featuring Jean "Moebius' Giraud's co-creation, the Western character, Blueberry.

    He also worked on a number of other albums for the French market, many of which were translated into German, Portuguese, Danish, Italian, Spanish etc. In addition, Colin is remembered fondly for his work for 2000AD, mostly on Rogue Trooper and Judge Dredd.

    Colin is not as well known in the US market although he illustrated the Point Blank series (Brubaker writing), the Battler Britton series (Ennis writing) and is currently illustrating Star Wars: Invasion for Dark Horse as well as more books for French publishers.

    I'm the owner/moderator of the AH! Yahoo group and also handle the sale of Colin's original work :)

    Warm regards,

    Royd Burgoyne
    Perth, Australia

  2. By the way, you can see examples of Colin's original work here -

    Warm regards,