Monday, July 27, 2009

Back from San Diego

Made it back from San Diego late last night. Everything went well and was great to meet so many of you. Scored some cool books and art and managed to get a good dozen sketches done which I will be posting soon - you can see the first two above. I planned to do all my sketches on colored paper with colored pencil and pens like I have done for the last few years but between my house and the con booth I managed to lose the paper! So... I had to improvise and ended up inking all my sketches as doing full pencils for everyone wasn't going to happen. Fortunately my booth mate Aaron Lopresti, had some paper and pens I could borrow for the show.

More later...



  1. Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Dodson!!!
    My name is Geraldo Borges, from Brazil, I´m a penciller (not so famous like you), but I did some works on Marvel (Nova) and DC (Wonder Woman). I´m a frequent visitor on your website, and making a sample test for Marvel, I discovered that the X-Men 3 pages script that I used for this sequence was drawn for you. I´d like you take a look on my pencils for page 3

    Thank you so much, congratulations for your excellent work and best regards...

  2. Wow... sorry again, but the page that I´ve send to you (last comment) was page 02 from this test. Page 03 is below:

    Big hug!!