Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Terry, Procreate and the iPad Pro/Apple Pencil Part 1 080520

Trying out Procreate and iPad Pro to use for layouts(storyboards) and quick Color Character Design.
Anyone have hints, steps, shortcuts, starting points, favorite pencils, brushes - Anything will help,
This is my FIRST time using and looking to up the curve!

Apple iPad Pro 4th Gen 12.9" 512 GB

Apple Pencil


First step, get a screen protector so I can use the Pencil on a more natural feeling surface!

Numerous recommendations but got this via Amazon (and overnight for FREE!).

Installed in less than 5 minutes.

Next up, via TWITTER recommendations going to download and read the PROCREATE Handbook, starting with the Overview and Interface.

Next time,

What canvas, tool, etc!



  1. Terry that “paper-feel film” is a must! Great first step. The usage of layers (like photoshop) can make all the difference for keeping your drawing separated out (blue lines layer, pencil lines layer, inking layer, shading layer, highlights layer, etc). The UI of the Layer window is different than photoshop but has the same basic functions. Once you use it it becomes second hand.

    1. I read the INTERFACE part of the HANDBOOK and then just dove in - everything is making sense quickly. Thanks!

  2. That sounds so interesting—Imma have to check it out. One of the things I miss about going digital is the scratch of the pencil across the page. If this can replicate that experience, I’m all in.

    1. For me, it's simply another tool in the arsenal.

  3. I just recently started to use Procreate, I find it highly intuitive but I've never even knew this 'paper feel' existed. Do you like it? my biggest issue is that I can't seem to escape the feeling of drawing on glass with a plastic stump. Is the film worth it?

    1. Hey Dude! 100% worth it - I couldn't use Procreate until I got the film - not perfect, but then I'm drawing on a iPad anywhere!

  4. Thanks, brother! I'll catch you on the Instagram machine (@albertoruizart).
    Stay safe and healthy.


  5. The pleasure is mine, beautiful work on Adventure Man!