Monday, March 11, 2019

Creating BOMBS AWAY! A Terry Dodson Sketchbook Collection Part 1 Line Art

The cover to my new sketchbook!


A Terry Dodson Sketchbook Collection

There is a 4 page sequence in sketchbook on "How I created the Cover Art", but here's another look!

Part 1


Initial Rough In

Basically happy with the concept and composition.

Face Detail

Now I move on to detail.

First thing was to get the face where I wanted it!

I then move on to the Cycle!

Detail of what I did on the costume.

I drew this on 

13" x 19" Strathmore 2 Ply 400 Series Vellum Bristol Board
Col Erase Light Blue Pencil
Staedtler HB Lead Pencil

Detailing out the bike.

Final Scanned Art

Cleaned in Photoshop and Ready for Color 


Part Two

The book debuts at Emerald City Comic Con Table L4  and world wide soon afterward.

This collects highlights from last 3 years of my personal sketchbooks in a 32 page soft cover published by Flesk Publications!

It’s a comfortable 6" W x 8.25” with folded flap on front and back cover and a nice spot on page 1 to get a personalized sketch!



  1. Based on the initial rough drawing, it looks like you had a set idea of how you wanted the bike to look. Is the design for her bike something you work out ahead of time?

    1. Exactly!

      As you will see in the sketchbook itself, I had already designed the bike. The sketchbook features a step by step making of the cover with those design sketches to boot!