Thursday, February 20, 2014

SUPERMAN UNCHAINED #2 Modern Age Variant Cover Step by Step - Sketch to Lineart

Pretty fun assignment for DC COMICS, a variant cover SUPERMAN UNCHAINED #2, featuring the John Byrne Modern Age era Superman, the only Superman comics I read regularly.

The  cover sketches I sent to Editor Chris Conroy at DC COMICS  for approval. Two ideas - one Clark turning into Supes and then one with Supes, Jimmy and Lois. Cover A was picked! 

They were
drawn at 2x3 inches in my sketchbook in pencil and Pitt/Pigma pens and Copic Grey Markers and then cleaned up and colored in Photoshop

Initial pencils - drawn in Light Blue and HB lead on 12 x 18 Bristol Board.

Was trying to figure out a crisis for Superman to react to outside the store room window.

Working out the cape and details.

Editor Chris Conroy got back to me with Brainiac and so I roughed him in here.

Finally got him down here in the final pencils.

Rachel Dodson's initial inks on the art.

Rachel likes to start with foreground elements and then work backwards.

Rachel uses a Windsor Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sable #2 Brush and Higgins Black Magic ink, plus a little tech pen and croquille for the straight lines.

The inks finished and cleaned up in Photoshop.

Ready for color…

next time!



  1. Hey Terry the cover looks awesome. The link to the final inks image isn't working for me however.

  2. Hi
    It feels so nice to find somebody with some original thoughts on regarding Really thankful to you for starting this superman comics