Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lady Blackhawk ECCC 2013 Step by Step

I think, my very first Lady Blackhawk convention sketch, from Emerald City Comic Con, Seattle, March 1-3, 2013. I was reminded I drew her on a Birds of Prey cover!

Quickly laid Light Blue Col Erase pencil and then POW! into the inks with a Pitt F pen.


Continuing with the F pen...

After outlining with F, went in with 2 and 3 Warm Copic Markers.

Finished up more Copics Warm Grey and 08 Pigma Micron Black pens
 and White Prismacolor Pencil.

Sketch drawn on 11 x 16 Canson Mi-Teint Paper.

Still more to come...



  1. Always enjoy the step by step and the cute and sexy gal at the end is a much appreciated bonus.

  2. Lovely art as always Mr. Dodson.
    My copy of Caroline/Muse arrived over the past weekend. Excellent work on your part; flawless art, gorgeous drawings and lots of majestic steampunk goodness. Yet I wanted to just suggest that the writer slow down, in his future scripts... the second part of the story felt rather rushed. The sister of Caroline seemed to pop right out of the blue sky, and she was never truly referenced as being missing in the first part :) If the story had been ten pages longer and $10 more expensive, we would have still bought it. The extra 10 pages could have been for more gentle character development, and more depth in the adventures, like the trip to Japan, & the medieval zone. Still, the entire work gets 5 Stars out of 5. The abundance of T&A drawings kept me meditating on each page. And overall, it was a Visual Masterpiece. Keep up the good work sir! Nautimalelus!! I mean Nautinemoleus!!

    1. Thanks for the comments, I can't argue with anything you said :-)