Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Songes Tome 2 Page 2 Step by Step

 So to ease any problems in the translation, I do storyboards for the writer, Denis-Pierre Filippi to approve before I draw the pages. This is the storyboard for Songes Tome 2 Page 2 (and pages 1 and 3 also). The storyboards are done on 8.5 x 11" paper with Blue and HB Pencil, Pitt Pens and Copic Markers.

Here's the lineart - drawn on 13 x 19" 2 ply Bristol Board with Blue and HB Lead and borders ruled with .80 tech pen. So I shoot from these the pencils so they are very tight (for me)!

The lineart is darkened and cleaned in Photoshop and turned into a Bitmap.

The colors were done by Rebecca Rendon and me in Photoshop. The art was colored in Channels - a method I learned from Alex Sinclair. The balloons were removed digitally. This page was pretty easy to color as we just grabbed our colors from Book 1!

More to come!


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