Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Avengers VS X-Men VS #3 out this week

Here's the first 3 pages of artwork from AVX VS #3 Black Widow VS Magik story that Rachel and I drew. It's  out in stores Wednesday, June 13. 

I had a blast doing this and Rachel really did a nice job inking this!

You can see an article on the story here-


And see a few pages previewed here-


Scans for most of the pages from the issue are now up in the files at


you have to look at the comic for the rest ;-)

Here's the price list for the AVX VS #3 issue-

Title     Issue Page Price$

AVX VS 3       3 $500.00
AVX VS 3       4 $400.00
AVX VS 3       6 $275.00

AVX VS 3 C Variant $750 Pencil Version
AVX VS 3 C Variant $1,700 Ink Version

To check availability, email - terry at terrydodsonart dot com

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