Friday, January 15, 2010

Uncanny X-Men #522 Cover

Here's the cover to Uncanny 522 which features the return of Kitty Pryde to the X-Men books. I'm unfortunately not drawing the interiors as I'm working on the Second Coming X-Men crossover event for the Spring instead.

I'm really happy with how this cover is turning out ( yes, turning, I'm still working on the final colors). I will post up a step by step for this one in the future.



  1. Wow, your colors give it a much more realistic approach, I like it.

  2. Excellent composition. The way that you've grouped the smaller figures around Kitty is totally engaging. My eyes just keep cycling through. Top it off with your usual spot on draftsmanship and it all adds up to great stuff!

  3. Was it intentional to have Whedon's Astonishing X-Men cast in front to welcome Kitty?

  4. Beautiful! Wish you were drawing the interiors too!

  5. Thanks for the comments regarding the art, much appreciated!


    Sort of - those are the main X-Men, and closest to Kitty so it worked out that way.

    James- Me too -it's a great script! I actually drew a page of it but had to stop working on it to make time to draw the Second Coming crossover (Uncanny 523-525), which is going to be good also.