Tuesday, June 16, 2009

X-Men Legacy 226 Cover Step by Step 9 Color - Reflective light and coloring line art

The clock was really ticking on the deadline at this point so I went in and really finished up Rogue's face. I selected and colored the skin line art (on a separate Screen layer) and added the next level of detail to her face.

I started adding reflective lighting to Rogue's costume picking up the flames and her face reflecting on the top of her chest.

I also pushed the next level of rendering on her costumes, a few more darks and lights that added the warmth of the flames.

Also, I didn't like how the flames looked, so I added depth to them by separating them into a fore-, middle- and background elements - and this really helped. I also started colorizing the line art on them as well.

Finally, I added another laying of rendering to Gambit and Danger. I used a combination of the Pencil tool at Normal 100% and Multipy at 50%.

At this point there are only two layers - one is the background layer for all the coloring and the next a Screen layer for the coloring the line art.


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  1. Terry, would you be willing to elaborate a little further on how you color your line art using a screen layer? I've experimented with it and have had success colorizing line art this way if there's no other layers underneath, just a white background layer. But as soon as there are other colors on the background layer, then the paint on the screen layer shows up. Are you just being ultra careful to not color outside the ink lines on the screen layer?