Thursday, April 9, 2009

WEEKEND REWIND Doves Kingdom of Rust

Something a little different for the weekend.

I've been meaning to showcase new books/etc that I find that interesting or inspiring etc, and this blog seems a good place to do that. Also I thought it might be interesting to see what I'm listening to as I have something on the whole time I'm working whether it's music, movie, radio, books on tape, sports etc to give an even better "behind the scenes" look.

I'm starting out today with the new album from Doves as I've been waiting 4 years for it - since they're last album came out! I'm not recommending this as only I've heard it 3x since I got it this week but am happy to report it sounds good so far. I got tickets to see them in concert next month and am really stoked to see them live for the first time.



  1. I'm seeing them in June outside in a forest. I saw Elbow in the same venue last year and it's a great place for a concert.

  2. Rachel gave the album the thumbs up after working out to it on her iPod.

    Sean, I think that setting sounds like it would be perfect for the concert. In Portland (Oregon), they have outdoor evening concerts at the zoo in the summer and that's always a surrealistic experience.

  3. Ah! Doves and Elbow, two of my favourite bands. I'm a little annoyed Elbow have got so big (at least here in the UK) - I liked feeling like they were "mine". Oh well, at least they get the recognition they deserve :)

    As for Doves, Winter Hill and Spellbound are great on the new album. I heard them on the radio a few months back, and Jetstream was "their take on a James Bond song". Which I thought was interesting!

    Oh yeah, love the Dodsons work. I buy Uncanny for it!