Friday, April 3, 2009

Upcoming Step by Step Full Size Sneak Peek

So here's the whole  but no quite finished full version as there are number of coloring tweaks and effects I need to do still.


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  2. Xavier, Emma Frost (yuck, I hate her), Namor, Cloak, Dagger, Mimic and who is this Omega guy? Great cover!

  3. so, Wolverine (or a clone/copy/wannabe) is in the team, big surprise -____-

    I wonder when Marvel will stop puting this guy everywhere... he became a real running gag.

    anyway, I really love this cover and the composition, and Dagger's new costume is pretty awesome. I love the way you drew her ^^

  4. Fantastic cover! I wish I could afford the original! >sigh<

    It's not Wolverine in the team, but Daken:

  5. This might be the greatest drawing of Namor ever!