Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Uncanny X-Men #506 page 22 Step by Step ROUGH PENCILS

So I was fairly happy with how the movements and posing of the figures turned out but something was bugging me on Colossus - turned out his proportions were a little off - which I corrected for the final. And, this was the final page of the issue and it was important to have this image read really strong.


  1. how are you cleaning your pencils from stage to stage, your so loose but the later stages are very tight?

  2. Drawing and erasing and redrawing- essentially. I use a mix of blue pencil and pencil in the early stage. But it is really a mix of drawing then erasing so only the ghost of the image remains and then redrawing over the "right" lines.

    Plus, my pencils are looser now than they used to be as my inker is "in house", not much confusion about what I was indicating. WHich is great as I can focus on a looser, livelier drawing and worry about it being correct as opposed to tight and clean.

    Plus, you are seeing images that get scanned in to the computer and get a little cleaned up through that process.